Arabic Facts

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A quick fire introduction to the Arabic world.

  • Arabs practice several religions including Islam, Christianity and Judaism
  • The watch and the pendulum were invented by Arabs
  • Yemen is an ancient civilization developed more than 3000 years ago in the sabains era and was one of the first in the Arab world
  • The mathematical term algebra comes from the Arabic ‘al-djebr’ or ‘jabara’ meaning reunion, connection, completion and ‘to set bones’
  • The highest point in Jordan is “Jabal Ram” (meaning mount Ram) 1,734m, and the lowest point is the Dead Sea, 408m.
  • Arabic dance is the largest dance industry in Brazil
  • Ancient Mesopotamia is modern day Iraq. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are located near Baghdad
  • More tools were used to build Lake Nasser (Aswan Dam) than were used to build the Pyramids